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Discover Learning center is focused on helping children grow and expand their natural abilities. We create lesson plans and monthly themes that target the following developmental areas. Cognitive skills, Language art, Motorskills, Music and Movement, Creative art, Social skill, Science&Nature skill and Self help skills. Our weekly lesson plans will reflect educational activities that gear toward each developmental goal. When these goals are continuously challenged and implemented your little one will reach their desired potential and be ready to move up to the next class. In addition portfolios are created for each child, this portfolio will include their milestones in each class and at the end of each class parents will be given the opportunity to look through their child’s portfolio to see a timeline of their development.

Our Infant classroom has been designed for maximum efficiency, security and safety. Toys are sterilized daily and changing tables are sterilized after each diaper change. Our infants are encouraged to work on all developmental areas with lesson plans geared towards their age. Parents can expect their little ones to enjoy a lot of music time, dance & movement, exploration through sensory activities and relaxation time with baby yoga. Parents are welcomed to ask more about our lesson plans.


Our Toddler classrooms are designed to not only give your little one a sense of security but the ability to explore and move around.  Our art projects and circle time begin to get a little more creative in this age group, and toddlers are encouraged to start sitting in chairs and even taking naps on cots. Their self help skill and social skills are magnified and attended to in a broader aspect. At the Discover Learning Center we encourage and gently guide each toddler through exploration and discovery. Your toddler’s day will be filled with a plethora of activities, music, movement, fitness, toys and equipment that encourage exploration.


Our Twaddler classroom is not only designed to give your little one full access to their motor skill abilities but we also begin to focus more on their fine motor skills. We encourage your twaddler to begin exploring objects with our science and discovery center and sitting through story time. They are now independent, curious and appreciate exploration. Self help skills such as eating on  our own, sleeping on our cots, recognizing when we have to go potty are encouraged in this age group.Toys, equipment’s, and programs are designed to encourage discovery and learning as well. During this age our twaddlers are also encouraged to participate in a lot of outside play (when the weather permits). Parents are encouraged to talk to their little ones about the art projects they bring home.


Preschoolers are all expected to be potty trained and ready to conquer the world! This is the setting for fun and learning where children can be independent and exercise a variety of personal, social and emotional skills. We also encourage problem solving, cognitive as well as symbolic thinking, math concepts and logistics. We want our preschoolers to be ready and confident in their next step into pre-k, our play base curriculum is implemented on a continuous basis and your little one is geared towards preparing themselves for the future ahead.

At Discover Learning Center our summer camp is geared towards all age groups. From infants all the way to our preschool room we are committed to giving your little one the greatest summer experience. Our summer camp directors will however work with ages 3-7 years old. These students will have lesson plans and activities geared towards their developmental growth in order to get them ready for the next school year. Activities will include lots of experiments, a number of out door adventures, a lot of sports and games, music and movement and special guest visitors every week. See the office for our summer packets.Thank You!

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